Sept 20, 2018 updated

Sept 20, 2018 Update

- Added ride height, packers, brake bias, and aides (TC, ABS) to the car options and advice
- All advice now sorted by weight of impact. The higher on the list of advice, the larger the change will have on your setup. For more subtle changes, see advice lower on the list.
- Moved car setup options from Corner Wizard to SELECT menu
- Button placed on Corner Wizard to easily access car setup options
- Car options that are specific to a car type are hidden until that car type is selected (Touring Car, Stock Car)
- Increased size of top-menu and items for easier use on phones
- Added top-menu item "?" to access learning database (articles, glossary, discussion, etc)
- Minor fixes to font sizing and scaling


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Sep 20, 2018

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