May 11th Update

Another update for VRCE2018 has been released in conjunction with next weeks (May 18th) release of the latest Setup Developer Tool. You can find more info on SDT2018 at

VRCE2018 Changes:

- Added ability to change language (Menu top-right of main screen)

- Added Resolution choice display at startup (press ALT immediately after startup of program)

- Added ability to toggle fullscreen and windowed (top-right menu)

- Added exit confirmation screen (only after using exit button at top-right)

- Added simple session report in exit confrimation screen, if you entered lap times

- Added credits screen (they deserve it, thank you)

- Fix font scaling to lessen the blurry text on some Android devices (still more work to do)

- Fix auto-size of digits in tire temp input fields (larger)

- Fix tire temp fields alignment

- Fix Touring Car button alignment

- Fix Tires and Laps button scaling in Lap Wizard

- Fix Facebook share was not working

- Fix after lap time entry, program will no longer focus on lap time field, allowing the Android keyboard to minimize out of view.


VRCE2018.exe 13 MB
May 11, 2018

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