April 16 Update

April 16, 2018 

- Added tab to track user lap times and progress during testing
- Added race session advice filter in Lap Wizard (when enabled VRCE advises only changes to setup that can be altered during a race pit stop)
- Added Front Wheel Drive option to Touring Cars (in SELECT menu from main screen)
- Added intro dialog to better welcome new users
- Added basic front/rear damper advice to Lap Wizard
- Added Spring rubber advice for Stock Car / Oval track (must have both Stock Car and Oval track selected)
- UI more responsive to different resolutions for Android devices
- Other minor tweaks to UI to make it more friendly
- More code cleanup for better performance
- Fixed wrong text for Lap Wizard advice on "Rear Springs" 


VRCE2018.exe 13 MB
Apr 16, 2018

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